Non-Lease vs Lease Offers

When you decide whether you want to go down the Lease or a Non-Lease agreement when selling your Feed-In-Tariff it's important to take everything into consideration. The Non-lease option was designed to give you a lot of flexibility and control over the process and during our long-term agreement because we do not take ownership over your panels.

With our Non-Lease arrangement you'll retain ownership of your PV System, all you're doing is changing the Feed-In-Tariff into our name. Going down the Non-Lease option makes the process very quick and easy only taking around 4 weeks for payment to be made to you. A Lease agreement or 'Airspace Lease' agreement as they are referred to will take considerably longer as they will need your mortgage providers permission whilst the non-lease doesn't as we don't own anything on your property and we do not register a lease against your property title.

The Non-lease option is perfect for those who are thinking of selling their property because it gives the homeowners the opportunity to cash in their Feed-In-Tariff for a sizeable Tax-Free Lump Sum at no cost to you. The lease could cause problems because there's a third-party interest over the property. The question to ask yourself is would you buy a house with a third-party having interest over it?

  1. With the Non-Lease, we don't require your mortgage providers permission
  2. If you wanted to install batteries to be more efficient, you can do so
  3. If you or the new homeowners wanted to terminate the contract you always have the ability to
  4. Throughout this process there will be no cost to you at all
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Saturday, 25 June 2022
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