Non-Lease Vs Lease Offers

Solar Equity Release is the only company in the solar buyback market that offers a non-lease agreement. Solar Equity Release do not place a lease over your property or the airspace above your roof, all we do is receive the right to your Feed-in-Tariff. Our unique proposal provides flexibility to Solar Equity Release consumers as the process is quick & easy, and payment can be made within 2 weeks after the cooling-off period.

The other option in the solar buyback market is a Lease contract. Entering a lease would also require lenders consent, which could require months for the necessary paperwork to be completed. Having a Lease over your property ensures that the solar buyback company would have a third party registered interest in your property. Additionally, lease contracts can also be very difficult to rescind.

One of the main drawbacks of a Lease contract in the solar buyback market is that banks could act unfavourably towards your property. Banks could be unwilling to provide mortgages or if they do may not offer you the deal you deserve. Additionally, when looking to sell, potential purchasers may also be unwilling to purchase properties with a Lease on them for similar reasons. The question to ask yourself is; would you purchase a property with a 3rd party registered interest on it?

Although taking out a Lease may not affect the solar buyback consumer in the short-run, it can be detrimental in the long-run by causing the consumer to lose value in a major asset; being their house.

Solar Equity Release offers a no hassle, stress free option within the solar buyback market.

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Friday, 12 August 2022
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