Are You Selling Your Property?

If you're thinking of selling your property and you don't know what to do with your Feed-In-Tariff. Well here at Solar Equity Release we're giving you the opportunity to cash in your Feed-In-Tariff for a Tax Free Cash Lump. Why not cash out on your investment? 

What makes us unique is that we provide a Non-Lease offer. Therefore when you sell your property there are far less complications compared to having a lease registered against the property. With us we do not take ownership over your PV system and during the process there will be no cost or any hassle.

Some key benefits of SolarEquityRelease include:

  • Quick payment, hassle free
  • You still get to use the energy produced for FREE
  • We provided FREE maintenance of your system for the duration of the remaining FiT period.
  • We are only acquiring the rights to your Feed-in-Tariff. This means there is NO LEASE or lender consent required!

We provide Free valuation so get in contact today to find out how much your system is worth!‚Äč

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How to Find Out the Value of My System

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Friday, 12 August 2022
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